By Nikolai Gogol / Adapted by Adrian Mitchell / Directed by Gerry Mulgrew

The Government Inspector is one of the world’s most famous plays. Written in 1835, and set in Tsarist Russia, it is a classic satire on human vanity. By turns hilarious and vicious in its expose of corruption among those in power, this masterpiece seems made for the times we live in now…

Bribes, misdirected contracts, misallocation of public money, fiddled expenses, abuses of office. Panic. Sounds familiar? In the light of the banking corruption crisis and the scandal of MP’s expenses, Gogol’s play could not be more timely.

Communicado, in association with the Tron, presented this piece with all its well known brio and musical invention.  A fast moving, black satirical comedy, with live music played by the company on electric balalaikas and mouth organs!

Cast    John Bett   Cliff Burnett   Andy Clark   Tim Licata   Alasdair Macrae                    Kirstin McLean   Mark Prendergast   Malcolm Shields   Gerda Stevenson                      Lewis Anderson

Directed by – Gerry Mulgrew
Written by – Nikolai Gogol
English version- Adrian Mitchell
Designer – Jessica Brettle
Lighting Designer – Sergey Jakovsky
Wardrobe Supervisor – Jennie Lööf
Musical Director – Alasdair Macrae
Movement Director – Malcolm Shields

This period-set Government Inspector is not good – it’s great. Every theatrical element is used to one glorious end: to make the audience laugh, and, at the same time, to confront us with our own responsibility for those venalities and vices that multiply suffering in the world. Jokes aren’t confined to the sock-it-to-‘em text: lighting effects, songs and even the sofa all join in the action. The ever-relevant story demands actors who combine pantomime timing and expressionist physicality with profound psychological understanding. This cast has the lot, with (in a magically snow-dashing troika) bells on.
Clare Brennan, The Observer