By John Harvey

A large scale community show at the Theatre Workshop. A A cast of over seventy volunteers from all over Edinburgh, plus the company in a free and visual adaptation of Voltaire’s Candide. Giant puppets, mannequins, an exploding volcano, the story of the woman with one buttock and a wild and theatrical trip round the world, accompanied by a ten piece Enlightenment Orchestra.

Rob Pickavance, Alison Peebles, Gerard Mulgrew, plus 70 wonderful volunteers

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It is very obvious that Communicado have a great gift for drawing out people’s talents, and channelling their enthusiasm and energy; the whole thing bubbles with a truly exhilarating inventiveness, and a cheerful refusal to be daunted by the difficulties of staging, say, a civil war, an erupting volcano, or a convincing symbol of the futility of intellectual enquiry. So while the company work very hard to convince us that human inventiveness is merely destructive, that love is a sham, and that life in general really has no meaning at all, luckily they cheerfully contradict themselves with their imagination, their zest, and their infectiously joyful belief in the possibilities of the theatre.”
The Scotsman