From the short story by Gustave Flaubert / Translated by Robert Baldick (Penguin Classics 1961)
Adapted by the company

A visual and choreographic rendition of this invented mediaeval morality tale.

Kenneth Glenaan , Steve Kettley, Jan Knightley, Pauline Laverty, Tomas Lee, Frank McConnell, Michael Nardone

Directed by – Gerry Mulgrew
Assistant Director – Paul Pinson
Composer of Recorded Soundscape – Jim Sutherland
Visual Concept – Keith McIntyre
Lighting Designer – Nick McCall
Costume Designer – Caroline Scott
Design Assistant – Jenny Beattie
Costume Design Assistant – Suzie Turnbull
Production Photographs – Sean Hudson

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The production has a rapt, hypnotic quality that is hallucinogenic …great washes of sound that feature bells, whispered prayers, and marvellous passages of spacey free jazz …you emerge from this glorious show feeling that you have experienced a benign and revelatory trip.”
The Daily Telegraph, 1993