By Gerry Mulgrew and Liz Lochhead

A gigantic, experimental production on the nature of the Scots inspired by Burns and MacDiarmid. Performed by a cast of twenty five in Glasgow’s Tramway and commissioned by the 1990 Glasgow Year of Culture. A surreal baccanale telling the story of the death and apotheosis of The Drunk Man, and his descent into Hell. As much mediaeval pageant as play, with music by Karen Wimhurst and an eight piece band, who continued for many years as The Cauld Blast Orchestra.

Some wonderful effects are achieved by mixing Burn’s poems with Liz Lochhead’s new grainy dialogue; and by knitting dance interludes into more forceful company manoeuvres around, and indeed beneath, the long table of toasts and celebration. This tremendous chronicle of mock-patriotic lamentation, a tale of Glaswegian Everyman with a Faustian tinge, does honour to a great new venue and confirms the five year ascendancy of Communicado.”
The Observer, 1990