By Andrew Dallmeyer, after Victor Hugo
Directed by Gerry Mulgrew

The famous allegorical story played as a black Gothic farce. Set against the backdrop of a sackcloth and Meccano cathedral, the gargoyles of Notre Dame come to life and entertain us with a grotesque and pathetic pantomime, creating image after stunning image of comic ferocity. High above this bedlam, in the towers of the cathedral, Quasimodo the hunchback  and his friend Grosjean accompany the events with a wondrous and absurd symphony played on gongs, bells, cymbals, bombarde, saxophone, shaum and drums.

This disconcerting, but absorbing and brilliantly staged play will upset audiences who expect clear cut styles and precisely differentiated categories. This is a company with an approach to theatre that is entirely their own. They copy from no one. The acting is of a uniformly high standard, and of a style which fits perfectly with this unique form of theatre.”
The Scotsman