By Georg Buchner

The great classic play about the French Revolution, and one of its major figures, Georges Danton, the wine and women loving sensualist and fighter, who, just before he was executed on the guillotine, proclaimed that “as for politics, I should have stayed a pig farmer”

Another Fringe defector (to the International Festival) is Gerry Mulgrew’s Communicado, whose new version of Buchner’s DANTON’S DEATH at the St. Brides’s Centre is tight, muscular, beautifully staged and lit. The heroes really are the people, which is not what the play is about; the ecstatic plebs are encased in rooms and cabinets like those grimy iconographic shipyard workers and football supporters in the neo-expressionist paintings of the new Glasgow School. The music of Karen Wimhurst is outstanding, superbly performed.”
The Observer, 1990