In a new translation by David Johnston, a highly physical and musical rendition of Lorca’s famous tragedy. Music composed and directed by Karen Wimhurst, in an entirely a capella score for nine voices.

There are many moments in this beautifully crafted show that expose the cruel reality behind the mask of “simple country living”. It is a reality in which Lorca’s “mother” is totally immersed. It is she who perpetuates the generational feud, who sees in her reluctant son the inheritor of her dead husband’s fecundity. It is she who empties herself for the sake of her men, but who is finally forced to recognise that blind passion can flatten the strongest house of cards. Communicado succeed, almost effortlessly, in dragging us into this maelstrom. With captivating performances, exquisite, mournful ballads and flamenco clapping, we never wanted to escape from this prison of emotions where even the moon was vengeful in its bloodlust.”
Scotland on Sunday, 1988