By Maureen Lawrence after Sophocles

In this new translation of Sophocles’ classic story of resistance, the production becomes a potent parable for the times we live in. Maureen Lawrence said: “Going back to the Greek after 30 years of trying to write English I was amazed to find the play was so clear and strong that accessibility was no problem. The play itself made all the decisions; the moral and political dilemmas, the sharp delineation of character are all there in the text that remains as fresh and modern as ever. It was a rediscovery for me, and also a reminder. In future I shall try to make my own work bolder and more uncompromising in its task of tackling the great issues of the day.”

Colin Hurley, Sharon Muircroft, Gerry Mulgrew, Patricia Ross, Maureen Carr, Myra McFadyen

Writer – Maureen Lawrence
Director  – Rob Pickavance
Soundtrack – Adrian Johnston
Designer – Colin MacNeil
Lighting – John Robb

Communicado filter as much light as possible into a very dark tale without losing any of its potency. It is less exuberant than some of their previous productions, but has the same tightly choreographed feel and brilliant visual sense, while making the most of the play’s bareness.”
The Independent, 1989